Oxford Welcomes Refugees

Rainbow Bridge Oxford

STOP PRESS There is a family waiting to come to Oxford and we have almost everything ready except for a place for them to live. We need to find a 3 bedroom house or flat with a minimum 2-year tenancy at £1,300 max a month. The family will sign the agreement and Oxford Welcomes Refugees will pay the deposit and act as guarantors.

What we can offer to a landlord

  • Oxford Welcomes Refugees can contribute skilled volunteers and a small fund to home improvements, which would increase the value of the property.
  • The knowledge that you are changing the lives of a vulnerable refugee family
  • Guaranteed rental income for two years
  • An interpreter to support communication between landlord and family
  • A network of support for the family, to ensure they treat the property appropriately, and will pay utilities, council tax. and rent in a timely manner.
  • For details Contact oxfordwelcomesrefugees@gmail.com

Oxford Welcomes Refugees is a group of people living in and around Oxford who believe that immigration is beneficial and migrants immeasurably enrich our society. Through the Community Sponsorship Scheme (see https://resetuk.org/community-sponsorship for more details).We are currently working on resettling a refugee family fleeing conflict .

The group formed in November 2020 and we have so far:

  •        Raised over £13,000 towards the £18, 000 budget
  •        Made a detailed plan of how we will support a family for as long as they will need to become independent
  •        Received approval from Oxford City and County Councils to apply to the Home Office 
  •        Submitted a detailed Stage One application to the Home Office

When we have been approved by the Home Office and have found housing, we will be aiming to have everything in place to welcome a family this autumn and support them in learning English, registering at schools and with a GP and dentist, showing them round Oxford and how to use public transport, opening a bank account, registering with the Job Centre, providing interpreters and translators, and much more.

How you can help The most urgent need is to find a house to rent in Oxford for at least 2 years, hopefully within the local housing allowance level and in an area where they will feel welcome. Do you know a private landlord who might be willing to consider this? If so, please get in touch with aspeberdy@aol.com

We still need to raise almost £2,000. Could you fundraise or make a donation through our JustGiving page?